Wall Ties

Is your property suffering from cracks that keep appearing?

Cavity wall ties are an essential part of any building. Their job is to tie together the visible protective outer cavity of brickwork or block-work of a building to it’s structural and load bearing inner masonry skin.

If your property is suffering from wall tie failure then this can mean that both skins become independent of each other. The building can then become structurally unsafe and a danger to those that may be in it or around it.

Wall badly damaged by corroded wall ties?

In respect to the danger factor, if you are in any doubt about the condition of your wall ties it is a good idea to get a fully qualified wall tie expert in to inspect your property and produce a full report on their condition as they will have access to specialist equipment such as a Borescope (small camera that can be inserted into the cavity to inspect ties) so that a physical, visual inspection can take place.

You may be thinking this sounds expensive and to some degree you’re right, it probably will be but a professional inspection will tell you the exact condition of your wall ties and from that you will know exactly what you will need to do to fix the problem, saving in the long run from any future fixes due to incorrect diagnosis and repair measures.

Expert Advice

We have experts who know how to replace wall ties and also how to ensure that all old wall ties are isolated stopping any future cracks appearing.

If after reading this you think you may have problems due to badly corroded wall ties and still a little unsure what to do and would like some more help and advice in diagnosing wall tie issues please contact Osborne Jones Property Care on 01792 934 791 and we will be able to assist.